Why Use The Broadtech Group


Nobody knows the New Zealand market better than The Broadtech Group. We are the largest independent supplier of services to the private AM and FM radio networks, TV networks, Marine Networks, ICT Systems, Local government, Corporations, Communication industry, sports and Community groups.


Because we know the terrain, the industry, and who to talk to, to get things done. But, more importantly, we can think outside the square. Our level of commitment and can-do approach is what our clients come back for.

And around the world

In part, the recent restructuring of The Broadtech Group was to play a more vital role in the international market place.


Because the people who work for us have extensive international experience and have been involved in some of the biggest projects around the globe and have consulted to governments, corporations, radio and TV networks in several countries 

More importantly, our expertise and knowledge of the latest technology is second to none. Plus, being NZ-based, our cost structure is substantially less than our counterparts in every other developed country, which means we can offer the same excellent service at lower prices.

High performance, high skills, high tech, low cost